"“When one does what one can, graces and lights increase, things are smoothed out and put us in a position to do more.” "

Letters of Fr de Clorivière to M.Adélaïde de Cicé, April 14, 1788.

"Do all you can to keep in you spiritual joy"

M. Adélaïde de Cicé.

"Always have a right intention, act simply, resuscitate their trust in the Lord"

Fr.de Clorivière

"With an attitude of trust and gratitude, we open our hearts fully to the same feelings of our Savior, so as not to hinder his project"

Fr.de Clorivière

"This good Mother in whom I want to put all my trust in everything and give examples of my deep appreciation for the graces and blessings I have received through her".

M. Adélaïde de Cicé